• A seasoned management team with 100+ years of collective experience in water treatment and management.

  • Custom engineered, cost effective solutions to treat all types of water without reliance on traditional chemical methods.
  • THE ONLY copper silver ionization company compliant with US EPA and EU biocide registrations.
  • Proprietary know how, precision engineered to deliver safe, reliable biocidally active copper and silver ions for water disinfection including specifically, antimicrobial control that is non corrosive to your plumbing/water distribution network.
  • A company with transatlantic business operations and a network of 17 distribution partners across seven EU countries and 8 US Midwest states.
  • To learn more about us, our solutions, distribution enquiries or to share any feedback, you can reach us here

  • Innovate, evolve, sustain and promote Effective, Environmentally Sustainable, Safe fluid treatment solutions to minimize use of hazardous chemicals: Water Treatment, Elementally!
  • Customer delight (with elemental simplicity).
  • Offer a portfolio of custom engineered, application specific, fluid treatment & conditioning solutions that minimize, if not eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals while enhancing building envelope efficiency.